Welcome to Irrgang.net

The purpose of irrgang.net is to provide an internet presence for Irrgang family members. This web site will be expanded soon with information about my family, the Irrgangs of central Texas and the Seattle area, for ourselves and for general consumption.

The number of internet domain names that can have "irrgang" in the name is limited. I have experienced first hand the frustration of not being able to have the one I wanted and paid a pretty penny to get this one. I don't want any other irrgangs to have to endure similar frustration as a result of my ownership of this domain, nor would I want someone to have to pay one of those professional cyber-squatters again. As such, I will provide email forwarding service for anyone who can reasonably prove to bear the Irrgang name, so long as such free service doesn't present too much of an expense for me. If you want an irrgang.net email address, contact Eric Irrgang at erici at irrgang dot net.

Also, if you want a website at irrgang.net, we might be able to figure something out for that, too.

Right now the only real content here is a photo gallery. There is more to come shortly. Email me (eric at irrgang dot net) for more information or to get involved in maintaining this site.